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 Field Spaniel Breed Information

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Field Spaniel Profile
Other names Field
Country England
Breed Group: Sporting
Weight: 35-50 lbs
Height: Male: 18; Female: 17 inches
Color(s): black, liver, roan, or any of these with tan points
Life expectancy 10-12 years
Litter size 7 avg.
Field Spaniel History
Of English origin, the Field Spaniel is actually a near relative of the Cocker Spaniel. During the late 19th century, breeders normally exaggerated the organic duration along with weight of the dog. During the 1920s, the Field Spaniel became more popular and remains popular in the show circuits today. since the Field Spaniel has become more popular, it has also risen in prominence like a small rodent canine due to each its mild manner along with its tracking, hunting and retrieving abilities. They are also identified to make good watchdogs and have consequently become popular family dogs as well. In current years, there may be a proceed to bring back again versions of the Field Spaniel that is not completely black. more than the yr distinctive color variations have involved each white along with dark and white. There have even been some that are quadric-colors.

Field Spaniel Description
The Field Spaniel is mostly a medium-sized dog. The skull is slightly wider in the back again then it is in the front. The muzzle is strong, extended and lean, having a moderate, but nicely defined stop. Coat colors come in black, and many shades of liver, with or without tan markings or roan (speckles). There could possibly be a little white within the chest. The single-layer coat is flat or slightly wavy and is of method duration with feathering within the chest, underside, back again of the legs, buttocks, and could possibly be within the 2nd thigh and bottom of the tail. The neck is powerful and muscular. The tail is set lower and is both docked or left natural. Note: docking tails is illegal in most parts of Europe. Dewclaws are occasionally removed. The medium-sized eyes are almond in shape, dim hazel to brown in color. The method duration ears are set slightly under the eyes, are broad hanging near to the mind with numerous feathering.The big nose is light brown to dim brown to black, depending within the coat color of the dog. The teeth meet inside a scissors or level bite.

Field Spaniel Temperament
The Field Spaniel can be a good family canine while it has a employment to do. They are suitable for canine agility and hunting. Without some sort of purpose, the canine can often try to amuse by itself and cause mischief. However, they are patient with kids and like to remain near to their family. When socialised, they are good with other dogs.They are generally docile and impartial and therefore are not as excitable as Cocker Spaniels.

Field spaniels get pleasure from roaming and exploring, and can be involved with playing and activities. If play gets as well rough, however, they could possibly become timid, withdrawn, and unsociable. It is crucial that you monitor them in their early years so that they do not become temperamental in new situations. Tehse dogs have a tendency to become stubborn, but they are calm and placid overall. They become extremely happy when they have an activity to hold out or even a assignment to complete; they are fast learners and will spend consideration to path and the owner's voice. Training the Field Spaniel is relatively easy and they are extremely sensitive to voice, tone, and manners. It is crucial that you be immediate and not as well harsh with these dogs as they will pick up any nuances and behaviors immediately. A hard approach will likely disturb them and could possibly cause reluctant behavior traits.

Field Spaniel Care
The Field Spaniel with its roots of hunting needs lots of exercise. This canine will adore to carry extended walks or run around inside a big fenced in yard. They only must be brushed about once or twice per week to retain out mats and burrs from when they are outside playing. If your Field Spaniel is becoming employed like a show canine then they require be kept trimmed to retain them searching sharp for their show. Also, ensure to retain their ears cleaned and also trimmed of extended hairs. This breed of canine is your average shedder. A bath is only required when they seem to be dirty or give away a poor odor. Otherwise this breed is pretty easy to carry treatment of and just like any other animal you could possibly have, regular trips to the vet is normal.

Field Spaniel Grooming
A professional groomer is suggested to clip or trim the breed's coat. Other than this, only brushing the coat several times every week is required. unique consideration will need to be also given to the breed's ears.
1.Show dogs require a specialist groomer a minimal of four times every year, because this is where any dead hair can be removed with plucking.
2.Checking for ticks during tick season can prevent virus and disease, and nails will need to certainly not be allowed to grow as well long.

Field Spaniel Training
The Field Spaniel requires early socialization to prevent them from becoming overly shy. This can also be to prevent canine aggression later in their lives. These dogs adore to be given responsibilities to perform. They have a tendency to find out extremely quickly, but they also possess a extremely sensitive nature. They will not respond nicely whatsoever to a rough approach when becoming trained. Field Spaniels require a organization but also a loving technique of training. They also excel in tracking, hunting and retrieving duties.
1.Field Spaniels have a tendency to bark as well rapidly and abruptly after slight sounds and events. They could possibly not listen to commands or directions if they are afraid or anxious, so it is important that training takes spot inside a protected and non-threatening environment.

2.Every puppy will must be trained differently, and this is especially important for the youngest set of Field Spaniels.
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Field Spaniel Breed Information
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