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 Brazilian Mastiff,Fila Brasileiro Breed Information

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PostSubject: Brazilian Mastiff,Fila Brasileiro Breed Information    Brazilian Mastiff,Fila Brasileiro Breed Information  Icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 3:29 pm

Fila Brasileiro profile
Other names Brazilian Mastiff,Cao de Fila
Country Brazil
Breed Group: Fila Brasileiro
Weight: Male: 140 - 180; Female: 125 - 160 lbs
Height: 24 - 29.5 inches
Color(s): All colors are permitted except white, mouse grey, patches, dappled,
or black and tan.
Life expectancy 10-12 years
Fila Brasileiro History
The Fila is descended from your English Mastiff with the 15th century along with from your Bulldog and the Bloodhound. The Fila can be known to be descended from Rafeiros. From every of these breeds, the Fila gained several distinct features, including its strong sense of smell and loose pores and skin from your Bloodhound and its disposition from your Mastiff. Over the years, the Fila has served a number of purposes, including acting as tracking and hunting dogs in Brazil along with in Europe and North America. Today the dog has been banned in certain countries as a result of fact that the Fila has the potential to be pretty aggressive when not properly socialized.

Fila Brasileiro Description
The Fila is well boned with a rectangular structure. Its Bloodhound ancestry is apparent in its long muzzle, pendulous skin, and superb tracking ably. This fascinating carriage has earned it great success in dog shows. General Appearance A standard molossoid breed with potent bone structure, rectangular and compact figure, but harmonious and proportional. additional to his massiveness a great agility can be effortlessly seen. Bitches must show a well-defined femininity, which differentiates them instantly from males.Its gait is measured and elastic, like that of a cat. His main characteristic may be the pace (camels gait), moving two legs of one side first, followed by the two legs with the other side, which causes a rolling lateral movement on the thorax and hindquarters accentuated by the tail when its raised. During the walk he maintains the mind lower than the back line. The standard colors are fawn, black and brindle. Brindles of a basic color, may have the stripes of both less or with very strong intensity. A black mask may or may not be present. In all permitted colors white markings should certainly be limited to the feet, chest, and tip of tail. The white markings are not desirable on any other component with the body. The back is strong and straight rising gently toward the hindquarters.Its muzzle is heavy with pendulous upper lips providing it a the Mastiff appearance. Its neck is very thick, with dewlap. The pores and skin is with the most important breed characteristics. It is thick and loose all over the body, chiefly at the neck, forming pronounced dew laps, and in many individuals the folds proceed to the chest and abdomen. Some dogs show a fold at the side with the mind and also at the withers descending to the shoulders. The coat is short, smooth, dense and soft. This breed may be any color, solid or brindle, except white, mouse gray, patched dogs, dappled, or black and tan.

Fila Brasileiro Temperament
Many Filas will never tolerate any stranger. Despite their aversion towards strangers they are exceptional family dogs, devoted to the children in their family.Filas bond strongly with their instant households and show extreme loyalty and protectiveness towards them. They live to protect their loved ones, including children and other pets. Very few will accept strangers.

The breed is renowned for their faithfulness to family and friends, but that is not just a breed for everyone. The Fila wants a confident, experienced, savvy owner who is aware with the breed's innate tendencies. Filas are not well suited to busy household which entertain many guests, as they do not interact well with strangers. The Fila is mainly a organic guardian breed.The Fila Brasileiro is an exceptional estate guardian. It does not hide its dislike towards strangers, but these dogs are not disqualified from your show ring for showing aggression to the judges. Such aversion is instinctive in Filas, a lot to ensure that the Brazilian breed ordinary advises judges not to touch the dog. However, the FCI ordinary allows for disqualification of excessively aggressive dogs, mainly once the owner doesn't have enough control to show them in public areas.

Fila Brasileiro Care
The short coat with the Fila Brasilero is easy to maintain. This breed can be shown but the grooming routine consists of a weekly thorough brushing using a company bristle brush. This breed will not need frequent bathing. The coat may be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dried up mud and dirt. Rub the coat with a dried out chamois cloth for any gleaming finish.

Fila Brasileiro Grooming
A smooth coat, such as what the Fila Brasileiro has is very low maintenance. Brushing the coat and smoothing it with a damp towel is sufficient grooming for the breed's coat. Washing the coat is only required once the breed has invested time in brush and the coat is becoming full of debris.
1.Use a rough bristle when combing the dog's coat.
2.The dog will shed an average amount of hair, with a little variation across the breed as you'd expect.

Fila Brasileiro Training
It is not advised that first time trainers attempt and train these dogs, and obedience classes are definitely advised for these dogs. Fila Brasileiros are fairly difficult to control, much more so than other dog breeds. A dominant owner is required when the dog is to be successful in its training.
1.The trainer should be confident and in control with the situation at all times.
2.Socialization training should certainly include presenting the youthful Fila to various strangers and not known faces.
3.The dog, for all of its muscular aggression, is brilliant to have close to the owner's family.
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Brazilian Mastiff,Fila Brasileiro Breed Information
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