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 White snake guards white powder

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White snake guards white powder Empty
PostSubject: White snake guards white powder   White snake guards white powder Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 1:02 am

White snake guards white powder
August 12, 2010 Edition 1
ROME: Italian police here yesterday seized a rare albino python in a raid on a group of drug traffickers who used the snake to guard cocaine and intimidate customers who owed them money.
The three-metre long reptile attacked police when they burst into the dealers' flat, where they were preparing the cocaine for distribution. The specialist forest police had to be called in to capture the python.

In the news article the snake was curled up on top of the drugs when police raided the house. They then got the Forestry department to come remove the animal because they believed that the snake was doing what it was trained to do by attacking anyone who tried to interfere with the drugs.
What are these guys on?
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White snake guards white powder
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