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 Speaking of leos

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Speaking of leos Empty
PostSubject: Speaking of leos   Speaking of leos Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 9:19 pm

I was just posting on leos in another part of the forum. Does anyone here use uvb on their leopard geckos? I'm starting to read around how there are actually some benefits of having a nocturnal animal on a uvb light since they DO bask a little bit. So I'm really considering getting some. Cost is not an issue here, since the bulbs I'm thinking of getting are not that expensive (zilla desert series 50). I only started using these for my beardies because my friend used them to great success after the study recall thing. So I figured I'd give them a shot and its been 6 months almost. So I'm thinking of using them for my leos since even on the box it says I can use them on leos. Anyone here have any sort of lighting on a leopard gecko? If so what do you use?
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Speaking of leos
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