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 New Tank

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PostSubject: New Tank   New Tank Icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2008 6:30 am

A good friend of mine had a tank that she "got bored of." I don't judge her for how she treats fish, as she is a wonderful dog owner, as the mentality for caring for fish, and for dogs, is drastically different.

So anyways, I received her tank on Saturday, and have it set-up. I have replaced the original large pebble substrate with a black tahitian and onyx sand mix. The rocks, wooden cave, and plastic plants with one bamboo, will be replaced also, as I am a person that prefers an all-natural set-up. Or at least, as natural as one can get with a glass box.

It is a 42 gallon tall, the dimensions being: 25" tall x 25" long x 16" deep. Now, by my standards, this tank is on the smaller side, and so, my current stocking plan is going to be.....tricky, at best.

3 Angelfish (If two pair, then the remaining one will be returned to store)

1 pair of Keyhole Cichlids (VERY difficult to keep with angelfish, not recommended!)

1 pair of gold-spot goby's (Stiphodon genus)

This tank, as I said before, is NOT easy to do. And I find the level of difficulty it would require to pull this off, staggering for someone of my experience, but I will take my time, and be patient. It really is the best thing I can do.

I will get pictures up soon, I promise, life itself is proving to be busy enough, but I shall make sure to get some time in to post pics.

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New Tank
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